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Secrets to Packing Your Bicycle for Air Travel

by Arnulfo Lamson (2020-05-15)

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Carry non-perishable snacks for the children because most airlines have zero snacks. Most airline recommend snacks like; dried fruits, puffed wheat and sliced cheese. Carry powdered milk and treated water for mixing, stay away from regular water from your plane since you're unsure if your water is treated. In order to allow good comfort to your child, anal virgin carry a light blanket, jacket or perhaps a sweater which can be an easy task to wear or remove according to the temperature on the plane. Small kids get bored quickly therefore, pack a tiny bag with favorite toys and story books within your bag. If you have an entertaining book or magazine for you and the kids, this is quite interesting especially if you assist them in answering many of the questions inside magazines.

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