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How to Protect Your Video Content With a Secure Live Streaming Solution

oleh Ngan Carlson (2020-05-18)

In an increasingly digital world, live streaming solution makes sure that your people get included despite any constraint. It has been observed that companies with engaged employees outperform those who do not. Live video streaming services enable the users to produce and deliver live video content smoothly and cost effectively from wide range of sources like from mobile phones to desktop computers to real-time linear broadband feeds. Live webcasting enables you to broadcast private events, fashion shows, conferences, training sessions, seminars, town hall meetings, AGM and more. Online video streaming platform enables the viewer to participate in the real time with questions and comments.

Using secure video in modern times:
In today's competitive world, it is essential that broadcasters have a secure and private video hosting. No business can afford to compromise on security as threat environment is getting serious with time. According to security professionals, there have been reports of increase in hacking, piracy and other digital attacks every year. Using as secure streaming solution becomes a necessity when the content security decides the fate of your business. That's where password protected, secured live video streaming comes in so that you limit access to only the people you want to watch it.

More and more businesses are using live broadcast solutions to host and share content. Video On-Demand (VOD) and live streaming are powerful tools to build an audience, communicate and boost revenue. Businesses these days incorporate live streaming into a product or service they sell. Access of live streams is also sold like pay-per-view on TV. That said, there are several kinds of organizations and businesses that views security as an absolute necessity like government, lawyers, intellectual privacy and piracy, OTT and media businesses, corporations, universities and schools and medical institutions. There are different ways to secure your live video; it depends on the platform it is being streamed to.

The key features for a secure streaming solution:
1. Password protection - it is extremely essential as it allows you to restrict live stream and videos access to who so ever has the selected password. This is one of the most effective ways to launch protected and private videos and share them with a select audience.

2. Referrer restrictions - they are quite similar to geographic restrictions but do not work on the basis of IP address. They rather work on the basis of 'referrer'. The HTTP referrer is a part of metadata sent along with website request that identifies the webpage that is linked to the video is being requested. This feature enables you to create a 'whitelist' and a 'blacklist'; the websites authorized to share your content can be whitelisted and the known pirate websites, malicious actors and competitors can be blacklisted. The referral restrictions add another important layer to the secure streaming solution.

3. Copyright control - on sharing the live streams and videos on platforms like YouTube and Facebook, the companies gain rights to your videos. It becomes very easy for people to copy the material illegally by video download tools and file sharing. A secure streaming platform like Dreamcast is secure live streaming solution that allows you to choose what to include and what not to include. Most importantly, the copyright remains all yours. With the help of a private, professional-grade OVP, it becomes hard for pirates to copy the content using free video download tools.

4. Geographic (IP) restrictions - geographic restrictions are one of the best ways to stop piracy. Certain countries based on a range of IP addresses can be added to blacklist or whitelist. The platform in this way automatically blocks anyone attempting to watch your video. While those on the whitelist can gain access to the stream or video.

5. SSL encryption for secure payments - businesses are increasingly monetizing their video, it is therefore essential to include a paywall for taking payments through a secure streaming solution. The security setup includes SSL encryption which is a standard protection for financial transactions online. The banks, IRS and more use this method for protection.

6. Secure CDN provider - Content Distribution Network (CDN) services are made up of a network of servers distributed across the globe. The servers use complex load-balancing software to distribute content and videos to users all around the world. This way CDN distributes load among large number of servers, which enables the content to load faster, have less lag problems and buffer less.

7. HTTPS delivery - 'man-in-the-middle' (MITM) is one of the most malicious types of hacking that intercepts data in transit and either modifies it or copies it. These attacks can even be used to impersonate a service or website. MITM may be random and commonly occur at public internet locations. HTTPS delivery makes use of validation and encryption to protect against MITM attacks through encryption keys, signatures and digital certificate. HTTPS ensures that no one can modify or eavesdrop content in transit and also makes sure that you are connecting to the correct service.

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