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Why Branding and marketing of food is important today?

oleh Dacia Therrien (2020-05-20)

Food packaging should be made in a way such that they can endure the journey time till the product reaches the supermarkets. Any damage can affect the overall integrity of the food product. It should protect the product from outside elements like dust, liquid, moisture etc. Food and beverage packaging design companies design packages which can withstand vibrations, shocks, and impacts that may occur during transportation. Quality packaging will protect the food anywhere, it will highlight the food product and maintain consumer's confidence.

The package is always the first point of contact with the product and that is why the sale of the food product is dependent on a design with a clear and catchy message. A package designer balances the appeal as well as product safety and protection features. The key function of food packaging design is to attract more customers. The designers should have a clear understanding of the brand and they should know the consumer behaviour towards the brand. Products need a strong brand identity and packaging which can communicate with consumers clearly. The information displayed through design on the package should be clear and relevant to your food product.

Most of the time it resulted in a disaster. Consumers were unable to recognise their favourite brand and most of them thought the product under new logo and design is fake. It resulted in a heavy drop in sales and many big brands lost their market share due to this mistake. There are incidents when popular food brands tried to change their signature logo. These businesses tried food branding under a new logo and failed miserably.

If any business doesn't change their package according to time then they are prone to lose to their competitors with the better-designed package. People will pass over from the product with poor packaging and kickass opt the better package design. Being flexible to change is necessary for today's highly competitive market. Good quality packaging plays an important role in sales and distribution of food product.

It helps in promotion of food products and led to increase in sales of the products. In addition to ecofriendly packaging of food products, promotion of food products is also important for which a food brand need good labeling and designing. The elements of a good packaging design include color, wording and pattern a food brand uses. A successful design uses all these elements according to its performance, features and shape. The importance of food packaging is apparent and its benefits both consumers and food producers.

Many beverages company provide drinks in proper sealed bottle, and food brands use high technology that covers the food products with paper, aluminum and plastic, which are signs of good food and beverage packaging. Today there is a demand of various kinds of food in the markets, but very few people understand the importance of food packaging today. Food packaging and design has three advantage, protection, promotion and transportation. Food safety is given the top priority as unsafe food packaging leads to spoil of food products and their quality. Therefore, food packaging is provided with great technology to prevent food from biological, physical and chemical variation.

These kinds of products can be bought without much reading because consumers trust the familiar brand. Food packaging is the main link between the product and the consumer. It has all the vital information and labels that communicate with consumers and tell product details to them. There are big brands who doesn't need much branding and their labels and packaging design are a familiar face for customers. The consumer will certainly read all the details of the product and understand what they are buying.

Generally, beverages are packaged in bootless and solid foods are packaged in boxes. Different food products are packaged in different no of ways, such as in bottles, cans, bags, boxes which helps in transportation and prevents food products from direct contact with air, water and pollution.

If the business opts for digital marketing option then the logo and product information will be shown on the website or digital ad copies across different web portals and search engines. There are companies which provide food marketing services bundled with package designing. The best way to market food products is through package if any business doesn't have a big marketing campaign. If the product is marketed through traditional methods then logo and details will be shown through television ads and flyers. Front logo plays a big role in the marketing of products and it is showed in advertisements across different platforms.

Overall, there is many roles food package plays which ultimately leads to higher sales. If a product needs to be successful then it should be packed in a convenient yet durable package which can protect food from outer sources and should be able to market the product in a better manner.