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Popular Torrents Websites And How to Get Best From Them

oleh Kia Kellway (2020-05-22)

Everyone must have heard, read or used torrent sites somewhere. Torrent is basically related to file sharing where there is no central server instead the files are stored in the system of a user. In simple words, you can download a large file in small parts and all the parts downloaded with the help of a torrent client app like uTorrent.

These sites use a network of client's computer system to distribute the data over the network. Seeders and Leechers play an important role in the process for example, if there is a large number of seeders and less number of leechers on a particular torrent the sharing of the file will be fast and smooth on the other hand if there is number leechers exceeds the number of seeders the process will take longer than usual.

There are a number of websites to choose from, here is the list of popular torrent websites-

The Pirate Bay: This awesome site is the big daddy of torrents. It has a simple interface, little to no advertisements and a large number of the torrent material. The content here has been trusted for a long time and it is the number one choice for many and hopefully in days to come.

RARBG: If you are looking for quality over quantity this is the site for you and it is best suited for p2p aficionados. It offers a huge number of high-resolution content.

1337x: If you are after some old or not too well-known torrents, this can be a choice to go for. It does not have a huge collection but if you have a preference then this particular site is for you.

Extratorrents: This site offers an excellent and easy source for finding torrents but there is a downside with this one, it is not available all the time but most of the time it is.

TorrentDownloads: Unlike other torrent websites it has detailed description below its torrents and that makes it unique among all. Not only that, it has a huge database for high-quality torrents.

Torlock: You won't find any fake torrents here if you find one Torlock will reward you with $1 per finding.

Please note that files shared on the torrents sites are distributed by good and seeder bad people at the same time, and when you live on a torrent site there is a possibility that your system might get affected by dangerous viruses. So it is advised to use a updated antivirus software and a VPN just in case while you are on the torrent sites.

Shubham Dubey is a tech blogger which pursue the experience of about 10 years in the tech field and also he is a manager at Geek Squad Plus Technology. To know more about him you can track him at 123 hp com setup Geek Squad Plus Pvt. Ltd. based in Noida.