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Biografi Wait for the Internet Light

With a cable modem, you should wait until the internet light turns a solid color. Be patient as the process can take up to ten minutes. Also, the modem likely will reboot a couple of times during that time period. If it does, don’t panic—it’s part of the normal setup process.

Wait for the Internet and Wi-Fi Lights

The gateway provides wired and wireless connections, so this waiting period requires watching for the internet and Wi-Fi lights to turn solid colors. As with the cable modem installation process, this can take anywhere from five to ten minutes. The gateway also will reboot several times.

Enter Your Wireless Information

You should have received a “Wi-Fi Quick Reference Card” with your equipment. It contains your Network Name and Key. If you can’t find it, look for the label on the modem. It usually lists the default Network Name and Key.

Self-Installation vs. Professional Installation

If you purchase Cox’s Bronze or Silver Bundle, you might as well as let the professionals come to your home because the installation comes free of charge. However, if you elect for an internet-only plan or a simpler bundle, self-installation allows you to avoid the professional installation fee.

Professional Installation

Quality Assurance: When the pros do the work, they do it according to the latest home networking practices and standards, ensuring your connection is the best it can be.

On-Site Support: If the installation goes awry, the technician is present to troubleshoot the problem and get things back on track.

Cost: Depending on your Cox High Speed Internet plan, you may have to pay an extra fee for the installation service.

Time: It takes time for a technician to arrive, install the equipment, and activate your service, which could hamper your work schedule or dinner plans.


Independence: If you’re a die-hard DIY enthusiast, take on the self-installation challenge. Let’s be honest: it’s nowhere near as difficult as rescuing people in the Nakatomi Plaza.

Convenience: With a self-installation, you choose to set up the equipment and activate your account whenever it’s most convenient for you.

Troubleshooting: The DIY method works great until you encounter a problem bigger than you are. With a self-installation, all the troubleshooting falls on your shoulders.

Complexity: Some installations simply are more complex than others. My explanation. If you purchase multiple services from Cox Communications or fear the ins and outs of dual-band modems, let Cox do the heavy lifting—it’ll take a weight off your shoulders.

If you’re an internet junkie, you’ll want to be aware of Cox’s data limit. Every Cox internet plan has a TB (1,02GB) monthly data limit. That TB is equal to about 400 hours of HD TV or movies. Needless to say, that’s a lot of screen time.

If you consider yourself an average internet user—say you casually surf the web and stream an hour or two of video each day—there’s no way you’ll hit that TB data limit.

Still, if you’re sharing internet with two roommates who never turn off Netflix, you’ll want to check in on how much data your place is using. The Cox Connect app will let you keep an eye on your data usage.

How does Cox’s data cap compare to the competition? Verizon Fios, Frontier, Optimum, AT&T Fiber 1,000 Mbps plan, and Spectrum offer unlimited data. All the others offer TB or less (*cough* satellite *cough*).

Fiber vs. DSL vs. Cable

DSL is the most widely available internet service. Cable internet is faster than DSL, but it sometimes slows down due to bandwidth issues. Fiber has the fastest internet speeds and range, but is not as widely available as the other two.

Cox high-speed internet uses a combination of fiber and cable internet. You still need a coaxial cable that connects to your modem, but there shouldn’t be too many bandwidth issues.

How to handle Cox customer service

If you’re ordering service from Cox for the first time, there’s a chance your experience may not be so bad. Ours wasn’t—the customer service representative was pleasant and surprisingly helpful.

Still, we highly recommend that you ask and repeat questions, take notes (including the name of the representative, time of the phone call, billing date, etc.), and request an email with all the service details.

It’s a bit of a bummer, but with Cox, the responsibility falls more on the customer when it comes to making sure you get everything you want from your internet service.