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oleh regina fancy (2020-03-17)

It is a standard famine control method that Leptitox Review the body has always used. Strangely it seems in recent times people seem to have forgotten this necessary survival method of ours.Mix crash dieting and exercising and you know what you get? Very briefly some weight loss, followed quickly by weight gain or hunger cramps.These hunger cramps are also a method by which the body tries to spur us on to search out food.Low fat diet?Obesity rates started climbing a number of years ago. Back then, it was felt that if you were fat, then cutting fat in your diet would solve the problem! Well, anyone who has paid even a little bit of attention to the news these days can see that, not only did the obesity rate continue to grow, it grew at an even faster rate! The diagnosis of diabetes soared as well. So, it is not a stretch to say that the low fat diet craze which became so popular (and it really is still popular) was an abysmal failure.But why is that? There are multiple factors at work, and to be fair, not all of these were well understood 20 years ago when the low-fat diet was being strongly promoted.But one thing is now clear.Certain dietary fats are ESSENTIAL for good health AND weight loss.Those lipids (lipids are a form of fat) - cholesterol and triglycerides - which everyone worries about - are necessary! Forms of these are found in every cell wall in your body, and make the cell walls permeable. This means that nutrients canenter your cells, and waste material (by-products of metabolism) can leave your cells.