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oleh regina fancy (2020-04-03)

Nail Fungus is Contagious You should avoid Fungus Hacks Review walking barefoot in public areas. Nail fungi may spread around the feet or even to other parts of the body without you knowing it.Use of Drugs and Prescriptions Certain prescription medicines can cause damage to the liver, so you should be careful in using them when considering buying over the counter nail fungus medicine. Toenail Fungus Home RemedieThere are many people sharing their toenail fungus home remedies on the internet to cure toenail fungus problems. These are readily available and cheap, and they can even get the ingredients from the local supermarts. The common natural home remedies are applying natural oils such as tea tree oil, clove oil, lavender oil, red rosemary oil, coconut oil or lemongrass oil, and soaking the toes in apple cider vinegar.There are some even suggested the use of Listerine, vapor rubs and hydrogen peroxide. Although there are those who claimed that it works for them, what you might not have realised is the further damage it can do to the already weak nails trying to heal and how much of those dermatophyte fungus has been eliminated is questionable.The problem with such approach is that it may only work for some people, may take a longer time, it is uncertain if the methods really eliminate the toenail fungus and they are not proven in research.Last but not least, personal hygiene must not be ignored. Maintaining proper habits of clean and dry nails to prevent the growth of toenail fungus or unknowingly infected at public areas should be a long term solution. Wearing sandals more often, avoiding walking barefooted in public areas and avoiding moist environments for the feet will help to speed up the treatment.