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Vision 20

oleh regina fancy (2020-03-20)

The second step in cleaning your Vision 20 Review contact lens is to use daily cleaner every day, and rinse the saline solution. Next, the contacts should be soaked in a disinfecting solution to kill the bacteria present at the contacts for minimum hours a day. But most of the time, these steps are not followed by most contact lens users, as they want to use the contacts right after cleaning it.In case you have difficulty with both short-sightedness and long-sightedness then varifocal glasses could be the thing for you.Varifocals include two sight corrections in an individual lens, one to correct your short-sighted vision and one for the long-sightedness. Before varifocals, getting 2 sight corrections within one lens required bifocal glasses. Bifocal glasses are a short-sight correction lens, that has a separate long-sight correction lens contained in a small area in the lower half of the lens. The disadvantages of this though are that to use your long-sight correction you have to take care to look using a small lens area at the bottom of the lens. These glasses also often look unsightly.For the wearer, the prescription of the varifocal lens adjusts progressively from the top to the bottom of the lens. As a result near sight tasks like reading a paper the wearer simply uses the bottom half of the lens. For long-distance tasks like driving, you simply use the top half of the lens. Varifocal lenses are now fitted in many of glasses frames that you can buy, there are though a few issues to bear in mind.